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3D Mapping with Semantic Knowledge Andreas Nüchter et al. Andreas Nüchter (University of Osnabrück), Oliver Wulf (University of Hannover), Kai Lingemann (University of Osnabrück), Joachim Hertzberg (University of Osnabrück), Bernado Wagner (University of Hannover), Hartmut Surmann (Fraunhofer Institute AIS)

3D Mapping with Semantic Knowledge

Andreas Nüchter1 - Oliver Wulf2 - Kai Lingemann1 - Joachim Hertzberg1 - Bernardo Wagner2 - Hartmut Surmann3


A basic task of rescue robot systems is mapping of the environment. Localizing injured persons, guiding rescue workers and excavation equipment requires a precise 3D map of the environment. This paper presents a new 3D laser range finder and novel scan matching method for the robot Kurt3D [9]. Compared to previous machinery [12], the apex angle is enlarged to 360$ ^\circ$. The matching is based on semantic information. Surface attributes are extracted and incorporated in a forest of search trees in order to associate the data, i.e., to establish correspondences. The new approach results in advances in speed and reliability.

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