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Large Scale Surface Reconstruction Toolkit

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This software delivers tools to build surface reconstructions from point cloud data and a simple viewer to display the results. Additionally, the found surfaces will be classified into predefined categories. The main aim of this project is to deliver fast and accurate surface extraction algorithms for robotic applications such as tele operation in unknown environments and localization.

This software is under permanent development and runs under Linux and MacOS. A Windows version will be made avialable soon. (Relatively) stable releases can be found in the download section. Furthermore, these releases are integrated into the slam6d project, which can be found here

Features of the current release:

  • Surface extraction using a Marching Cubes implementation
  • Robust normal estimation for the input data points.
  • Surface classification.
  • Clustering of planar patches.
  • Export of the resulting meshes to binary .ply files that can be displayed in other software such as Meshlab.

Unstable, hence unreleased features

  • Mesh optimization based on surface clustering.
  • Texture mapping for classified surfaces.

These features will be included in future releases. Developer versions can be found in the project's SVN repository. Feel free to participate!

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Last changed: 2010-12-16