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Globally Consistent 3D Mapping with Scan Matching

by Dorit Borrmann, Jan Elseberg, Kai Lingemann, Andreas Nüchter, and Joachim Hertzberg

We have successfully matched a set of 3D laser scans provided by RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems - Laser Scanner. This page presents the matching results and includes videos and animations.

Riegl data set
Figure: Map improvement during LUM. Main square in Horn (Austria). Progress after 1 (top), 30 (middle), 200 (bottom) iterations. Left: Top view, Middle: Monument in the center of the main square, Right: Church spire. Data provided by courtesy of RIEGL LMS GmbH.

Riegl data set
Figure: Photos showing the scene presented in the previous figure. Left: The right part of the middle detailed view. Right: The white-steepled St. Georg church. Data provided by courtesy of RIEGL LMS GmbH.

Videos and Animations

Video (top view) (uncompressed AVI 167 MB)
Video (top view) (DiVX 98 MB)

Video (detailed view 1) (uncompressed AVI 167 MB)
Video (detailed view 1) (DiVX 24 MB)

Video (detailed view 2) (uncompressed AVI 167 MB)
Video (detailed view 2) (DiVX 24 MB)



The authors would like to acknowledge Nikolaus Studnicka (RIEGL Laser measurement Systems GmbH, Horn) for providing the data set.
Andreas Nüchter, April 2007.