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USARSIM is a worldwide used robot simulator deployed in Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) and in the context of the RoboCup Rescue Real Robot contest. It is designed as a simulation companion to the National Institute of Standards (NIST) reference test facility for autonomous mobile robots for urban search and rescue. This page describes the USARSIM simulator for KURT2 and Kurt3D robot platforms, which we are using in both education and research. As simulation is done on the device level, a seamless integration of real robot control software with the simulations becomes possible.

The aim of our reseach in UOSSim is the seamless integration of the simulator to our exsisting robot control software, as given in the following code snippet. Here we read instead from the RS422 scanner device from a simulation client:

#ifdef USARSIM
    res = sim_client.SICK_read(fd_RS422, buf, 255);
    res = read(fd_RS422, buf, 1);

See also a detailed description of the system. (Also available as pdf)

UOSSim consists of a simulation of an example environment (namely the 5th floor of the university of Osnabrück AVZ building Albrechtstrasse 28), the simulation of the KURT2 robot plattform, the simulation of the Kurt3D robot including its 3D laser range finder and a camera server.

Simulation of the KURT2 Robot Platform and Kurt3D robot

real kurt robot unreal kurt robot
(Left: Photo of the real Kurt3D robot. Right: Simulation.)

A simulation model of the robot platform KURT2 for download: You may also be interested in our USARSim.ini, USARBot.ini, USARBot.ini and USAR.ini Unreal Tournament configuration and our USARBot.u and BotAPI.u.

The Software Integration

The integration part of the robot control software consist of a few C++ classes that you can download. Simulation on device level means also to encode, e.g., the USARSIM range values into the SICK protocol in order to feed the data into the very same functions. (In our software architecture we transmit directly the SICK protocoll to the operator station.)

Since we are involved in industry projects with parts of our robot control software we cannot make the entire software available.

A Camera Server for Linux

Download a (slow) camera server for Linux. It's based on the programs xwd and pnmtojpeg. If you make improvements, let us know!

Simulation of the Environment

plan of the AVZ building
real corridor unreal corridor
(Left: Photo of the real environment. Right: Simulation.)

For download:

3D Mapping

We have tested the Kurt3D simulation and the 3D scanning system in order to prepare our software for ELROB 2006 and for RoboCup Rescue competitions. More informations about the reasons why we do not participate in the Rescue-V competition can be found here. The following figures give you an impression of the point cloud, the colored point cloud (i.e., drivable floor, objects and ceilings have been extracted), and a marching cubes representation.
scanned yellow map scanned yellow map detail
scanned yellow arena with semantic
scanned yellow arena with semantic scanned yellow arena as marching cubes
You may download:

Cool Videos

Former Releases of UOSSim

A former release of UOSSim based on Unreal Tournament 2003 and USARSIM 2003 including images, downloads and videos can be found on the UOSSim 2003 page.


If you have any questions about the current state of UOSSim please contact:

Andreas Nüchter
University of Osnabrück
Institute of Computer Science
Knowledge Bases Systems Research Group
Albrechtstraße 28
D-49069 Osnabrück, Germany

Andreas Nüchter